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We work hard to make sure every student gets the most out of their time with us. And we know there are many Spanish schools in Ecuador and in Quito, and it's hard to decide which one to attend. So we have added this page to our website as a way for prospective students to see comments from our past students.

Each student fills in an anonymous evaluation at the end of their study with us that we use to continuously improve our school in all aspects. The following comments have been copied from these evaluation forms and are completely unsolicited! 

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Click here for a PDF with evaluations from 2015 from our Cuenca Spanish school.

Having attended five different Spanish schools in Mexico and Costa Rica, I found Yanapuma to be superior. My instructor, Vinicio, was not only patient and organized but was able to incorporate a wide variety of experiences, history and cultural knowledge intoevery lesson. For the first time I was able to appreciate the progresse I was making on a day-to-day basis. Overall it has been an excellent experience.
One additonal aspect of Yanapuma I would like to mention is how impressed I am with direction vision and philosophy of the school and foundation. The relationship with the community and the interest in culture and history of Ecuador is palpable. I look forward to returning to Yanapuma in the very near future.
I think the program at Yanapuma for learning or improving Spanish is superior to others offered in Quito. There are a variety of activities offered outside of the classroom which provide ample opportunities to socialize with other students and profesors, as well as practice Spanish and learn about the culture. In addition, each student can have a completely personalized experience (with options for time and quantity for classes, studying outside of Quito and volunteer experiences). I highly recommend Yanapuma, either as a destination in and of itself or as a launching pad for further travel in South America.
In my two months I had a great time. The education was top notch.
Yanapuma has great instructors and tons of opportunities to dig into the life of Ecuador. I liked the fact that tourism and volunteer opportunities were integrated into the life of the school. It served as a good, safe base for anything we wanted to explore. Excellent!
I highly recommend Yanapuma as a Spanish school. The teachers and employees were friendly, fun and flexible and the cost was very reasonable. The school also was a good base for exploring the Mariscal Sucre area in Quito. In addition, attendance at Yanapuma helps support the goals of the Yanapuma Foundation, which are very worthy.
Yanapuma was fantastic. My teacher, Luz, was very professional, organized and taught what I needed to know. The quality of activities, in and out of the classroom was great. Will definitely come back.
I really appreciate the way I've been taught by Vinicio. It's impossible to get a more custom made class for me. The schedule, the subjects and the themes were set according to my specific needs! Muchas Gracias!
My experience with Yanapuma has been incredible. It is rare to find an organization with such experienced and dedicated staff as is the case here. All of hte professors are knowledgable, friendly, and fun. THey will go out of their way to give you the best experience possible during your stay - I can wholeheartedly recommend Yanapuma to anyone who wishes to learn Spanish and experience a great culture!
I planned to stay for 2 weeks and ended up staying for 4, and I don't want to leave. The teachers at Yanapuma are excellent, all the staff are really friendly. There's a great range of social activities. The program is really flexible, and you are very much able to choose what you'd like to focus on in your classes, and which teaching resources / methods work best for you as a student, which I thought was one of the best things about the Yanapuma experience.
My experience at Yanapuma was very positive. All the personel at the school are very helpful and are doing everything to make the experience as the school positive. The family I lived with was great and instrumental in my learning process. My profesora also has provided a great learning experience.

The atmosphere at Yanapuma was incredibly friendly yet professional, and it was great to have the opportunity to get to know other students and teachers during breaks and social events. I really enjoyed the "cafe" style classrooms and the fact that the lessons were tailored to my needs.

I had an awesome time at Yanapuma. I loved to study here . . . The teachers and the whole staff is friendly, patient and funny. Hope to come back one day. Thank you so much.
I am very satisfied with my experience with Yanapuma. I had a lot of fun in my Spanish class. My teacher offered just the right amount of constructive criticism and was very flexible with my sporadic questions. The school iteslf offers a plethora of fun activities; exotic fruit tasting during break; free salsa lessons every tuesday; thursday we all chip in a couple of bucks and cook a traditional meal together; friday we go dancing at the bars in town with some of the teachers and folks that run the foundation. Yanapuma is a hub of international travelers, experienced instructors, great activities and fun thoughtful people.
I had a wonderful time studying at Yanapuma, both due to the quality of instruction and the open friendly environment they´ve managed to create here. It is very clear from the beginning that the focus of the school is on helping students understand the language and culture of Ecuador/South America.
My teachers were incredible and have helped me so much! I have learned so much from my classes and am so grateful to Yanapuma and the teachers here!! Thank you!!
I had a wonderful time studying at Yanapuma, both due to the quality of instruction and the open friendly environment they´ve managed to create here. It is very clear from the beginning that the focus of the school is on helping students understand the language and culture of Ecuador/South America.
Really great school. A very warm community feel whenever you walk in. The classes were great and I improved my Spanish considerably. Also the fact that the profits go back into the community programs puts Yanapuma over other schools. Go here!
I´m so glad that I have been paired with such a great teacher (Johanna). I will definitely recommend her and the school to others who wish to learn Spanish in Quito.

Yanapuma Spanish School is well-run and I enjoyed having Gaby as a profe very much. I really enjoyed my homestay in Quito and I loved my teacher at the school. She was very patient and understanding. I appreciated her enthusiasm and personality

Yanapuma has been a great experience. The school has been consistently responsive and helpful, and both my teachers were excellent. Their lessons were organized and sequenced well. The material was interesting and appropriate, and they were knowledgable, responsive and fun.
Yanapuma is an incredible school with teachers who are amazing and helpful and make classes both educational and firm. In my month at Yanapuma, I went from zero Spanish to being able to make Ecuadorian friends and travel South America with ease.
I was only at the school for one week but I wish I could have stayed longer. I have learned so much in such a short time and most importantly I have enjoyed it. Yanapuma is definitely value for money. Don´t look anywhere
I had a wonderful experience at Yanapuma and would recommend it to 100%. I knew absolutely no Spanish when I arrived and am leaving with great knowledge of the language. All the professors at Yanapuma are professional and fun. Thanks for everything Yanapuma!
My teachers were very experienced and clearly know how to teach Spanish. The class was a good mix of reading, writing, explanation, instruction, and outings. My Spanish is definitely better than when I started! I recommend classes at Yanapuma for sure.
The Spanish classes at Yanapuma were great and really helped me build up my confidence! The teachers are so helpful and work hard to get you to where you want to be!
In my two weeks at Yanapuma, my level of Spanish langauge went from little understanding to being able to hold conversations with Spanish speaking people. I really enjoyed the community feel of the school, particulary because I was traveling solo. The extra circular activities were great also. I highly recommend the school!
My Spanish improved after taking a month of these classes. I feel more confident after a single month than I have in my two years studying at my home University.
I studied Spanish for two weeks at Yanapuma, while living with a host family in Quito, which Yanapuma arranged. I m very happy with the professionalism and overall quality at my classes with Yanapuma. While this was a short trip, I enjoyed it greatly and I feel that I improved my Spanish significantly. I recommend that you visit Ecuador and study at Yanapuma.
I had friends at other schools in Quito and having been in them they cannot compare to the home feel at Yanapuma. The Spanish immersion approach is highly effective and the best way to learn. I really enjoyed my time there.
My experience at Yanapuma was exceptional. I originally chose Yanapuma instead of another school because of the photos of the teaching environment. It was comfortable, open and friendly looking. When I finally arrived my original feelings were realized. The teachers and administrators were friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
My daily lessons were well prepared. I throughly enjoyed the activities and conversations that invariably occurred during my time at Yanapuma. I was incredibly impressed with the all around knowledge of the professors about politics, history, and culture. I not only learned Spanish but also about Ecuador, South America and life. I highly recommended Yanapuma to anyone looking for a Spanish School in Quito
I was very impressed with the whole experience here at Yanapuma – from website to registration, email questions getting answered, set up of accommodation and especially the instruction. Carina was an excellent teacher, giving me exactly the practice I needed. I've taken classes in many places, different schools in different countries, and I'd definitely rate this the best! Thank you!