Our Spanish Teachers

General Information about our Spanish teachers

Yanapuma's Spanish teachers

All of Yanapuma's Spanish teachers are qualified as Spanish teachers in Ecuador. Nearly all have or are attending university, and many have graduated with degrees in different fields such as tourism, law, administration, business studies, history, politics, etc.
Currently there is only 1 organization that is approved by the Ministry of Education to licence Spanish teachers in Ecuador and they are based on an outdated methodology that has not changed in 30 years. Yanapuma is working to become the second, creating a training course that is based on modern methodology and the latest research in second language learning. We have already put into practice this system with our own teachers, and we hope by the end of the summer 2013 to be approved as a course provider for new Spanish teachers in Ecuador.
We incorporate the recommendations and methods promoted by the Cervantes Institute of Spain, and we encourage the use of multi-media and other materials in class to make classes inspiring, fun and educative.

We invite you to learn Spanish with us and experience the difference!