Spanish for Children

Spanish classes for children in Quito and Cuenca . . .

Yanapuma Spanish School has offered Spanish for children in Ecuador since 2008. During that time we have gathered a collection of materials and activities specially oriented towards making children’s Spanish classes fun and effective for kids of all ages. We have taught children Spanish from 4 years-old and upwards, and have teachers who have specialized in pacing classes to the learning style and attention span of children of different ages.

Our schools in Quito and in Cuenca offer a comfortable environment where children can feel at home with different spaces that they can work in, often while their parents and older siblings are also taking classes. Parents who wish to study Spanish with their children here in Ecuador are welcome. Another popular option with families is to follow one or more of our «Study and Travel» programs, visiting different parts of the country with one or more Spanish teachers. In addition to learning Spanish, children get a great education in culture and the environment as our teachers are also knowledgeable guides who take pride in showing off their country to foreign visitors.

One question parents often ask is how long a Spanish class for children should be? As we have developed our Spanish lessons for kids over the years we have arrived at the point where even the youngest of children can spend 4 hours immersed in Spanish doing a variety of activities and games and absorbing the language.
Did you know that your children can also STUDY SPANISH ONLINE. through Yanapuma Spanish School? We have been teaching children Spanish online since 2008 – to homeschooled children and youth, high schools, and any primary/secondary pupil studying Spanish. A few online classes can really help your child gain confidence and shine in their class!

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