Ruta De Los Volcanes

Spanish classes while you explore the volcanos of the Andes!

This Study and Travel program (photos above) is for the active and adventurous student. You will set out from Quito on Monday morning with your teacher to travel by bus down the "Avenue of the Volcanoes" with impressive views of the volcanoes that run down the spine of the Andes, to the spectacular Quilotoa crater lake. After exploring this stunning sierra environment and Kichwa culture you will travel by bus to Baños to enjoy the hot springs and varied activities of this lively cloud forest town beneath the active volcano Tungurahua. Here you can go white-water rafting, canyoning, or by bicycle to explore the waterfalls and other attractions of the area.

From there you will travel south to explore the picturesque sierra town of Riobamba from where you will take a guided tour of the national park at the volcano Chimborazo, climbing up above the snowline to the refuge, and cycling down hill around the volcano for 35 kilometers.

The course finishes on Friday after classes, and you can either return to Quito with your teacher or stay on to go on the famous "Devil's Nose" train ride on Saturday.

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"This program exceeded my expectations with so many activities during the week. I loved exploring Quilotoa, Chimborazo, Tungurahua and spotting so many other snow-capped volcanic peaks as we went. . . . Definitely to be recommended!"


A hgh-octane adventure week that includes kayaking on a crater lake, climbing above the snowline of a volcano, white water rafting ,hiking, possibly seeing active volcanic activity, downhill cycling, and relaxing in thermal baths.

The Andes mountains represent the western terrestrial edge of the South American tectonic plate, being constantly pushed upwards as it rides over the Nazca plate underneath the Pacific Ocean. It is an area of constant volcanic activity with a string of volcanic peaks stretching all the way down South America. It has created stunning Andean scenery and students spend a week exploring this high-altitude terrain.

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