Quito or Cuenca Cultural Package

Spanish classes and cultural excursions in Quito or in Cuenca . . .

The Quito or Cuenca Cultural Spanish program is a one-week Spanish immersion package that combines 4 hours of Spanish lessons per day with visits to some of the many places of cultural and historical interest in Quito or Cuenca with a teacher.

We want to offer our Spanish students the chance to explore this rich, vibrant and diverse city while they study Spanish.

And if you have particular interests that you would like to follow while you are in Quito or in Cuenca we will be happy to arrange visits to alternative sites with a teacher for you.

▪ 20 hours of small group Spanish classes (can be taken with individual classes)

▪ 4 excursions per week to places of cultural and historical interest around. Friday afternoon free for extended weekend activities.

▪ Program can be taken for 2 weeks without repetition.

▪ Combine your Spanish tuition with more touristic pursuits and a chance to practice your Spanish in real-life settings for a real immersion experience!


▪ Tour of the historic colonial center of Quito, its churches, palaces and squares.
▪ Mindalae ethno-historical musuem.
▪ Botanical Garden and Vivarium.
▪ Panecillo Monument and the «Virgen de Quito».
▪ Museum «Intiñan» (Mitad del Mundo) and Pululahua Crater.
▪ Museo del Banco Central – an extensive display of the cultures of Ecuador, religious artifacts, gold, etc.
▪ Catedral de la Immaculada (New Cathedral) and El Sagrario (Old Cathedral).
▪ Rio Tomebamba.
▪ Mirador de Turi.
▪ Plaza Abdon Calderón, one of several plazas in Cuenca.
▪ Museo Pumapungo.
▪ Local crafts and produce markets.
▪ Museo de las Culturas Aborígenes.
Local food and crafts markets.

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