Professional Medical Spanish

Medical Spanish classes with practicum in Quito!

Yanapuma’s Professional Medical Spanish Program is a dedicated course combined with practical experience, designed to give medical students, doctors and other health professionals a solid grounding in medical and health-related Spanish. After successfully completing this course you will be able to communicate competently in Spanish to patients and staff in your particular field.

The Professional Medical Spanish course leads students through the related vocabulary and terminology (basic to advanced), with specially designed readings and interactive materials in different specialty areas (ophthalmology, gyneacology, endocrinology, etc), and a wide range of general topics.

Daily one-to-one classes are personalized to your particular needs, and are split between normal Spanish at intermediate or advanced level and specifically medical Spanish, using a wide range of printed, electronic and interactive media (see right).

"I really appreciated the depth of the materials and the course in general. My teacher was very knowledgeable and competent with the medical materials and really worked me hard! . . .Combining the classes with a practicum gave me a good opportunity to practice what I was learning in the classes."

The Professional Medical Spanish program is offered in three options:

1.- One month in Quito or Cuenca with Practicum.

2.- Half Online and Half in Quito or Cuenca with Short Practicum.

3.- All Online Without Practicum.


Yanapuma's Professional Medical Spanish program is a flagship course for doctors, medical students, nurses and health-care professionals. Eighty hours of classes in Quito or Cuenca are combined with a practicum in a local health-center or clinic, offering plenty of opportunity to get fluent in medical usage of Spanish.

The course comes with a wealth of materials that are yours to keep (see below). You can also take this course part online and part presencial, or completely online (without the practicum!).

In combination with Spanish classes, Yanapuma will arrange daily work at a local hospital, clinic or health center including duties appropriate to your level of experience. We offer a range of possible locations in Quito or Cuenca depending upon your needs and preferences. A $200 donation to the health center where you work is included in the price of the program, and students are encouraged to try to solicit donations from their home institution before coming to Ecuador to further help some of the poorer health centers. Click here for a list of practicum options.

Once you have finished your studies in Quito or Cuenca, gain additional experience through working full time in a hospital, clinic or health center outside Quito or Cuenca. Yanapuma will make all necessary arrangements for your work in one of these centers. The minimum time commitment is one month, unless you continue to work in the same center in Quito or Cuenca.

Students must have at least an intermediate level of Spanish to participate in this program. Preparatory classes can be taken with us to help you reach the level necessary to take full advantage of the course materials developed for our program.

The Professional Medical Spanish Program includes:

  • 4 weeks (80 hours) of classes.
  • 4 weeks concurrent practice.
  • 28 days homestay with two meals.
  • Textbook, materials, CD, etc.
  • Optional additional practicum.
  • A $200 donation to a health program.
  • Certification of course completion.

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For the busy professional who cannot afford to take a month to travel to Quito, or for those students on a tight budget, we offer the program as a combination of online classes with 2 weeks in Quito. The same materials, the same quality instruction, but without the practicum (which gives you more time to sightsee and enjoy Quito), and without the $200 donation which goes with the practicum.

The program consists of:

  • 30-40 hours of live online Medical Spanish classes.
  • 40-50 hours (2 weeks) of classes in Quito.
  • 15 days homestay with two meals.
  • Textbook, materials, CD, etc.
  • Certification of course completion.

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If you do not have time to travel to Quito to study with us in person, why not take our course online? It is the same program, minus the travel, from the comfort of your own home or office! The 80 hours of classes can be split into 40 sessions of 2 hours each. And you will have access to all the same, high quality information that makes our Medical Spanish program the best. Click here for more information.

The program includes:

  • 80 hours of live online Medical Spanish classes.
  • Texts, materials available as downloads.
  • Certification of course completion.
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