payment methods for your spanish classes

Study Spanish Ecuador

Payment options for your Spanish classes . . .

There are several ways that you can pay for your classes and other services, either before you arrive in Ecuador or once you are here in Quito or Cuenca.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Pay for your Spanish classes using StudyPay online payment gateway

StudyPay is an international payment system for students to pay for their study and travel programs.This can be done either through a local bank transfer or by using your credit or debit card (see below). StudyPay currently charges a single fee of around $13 for a transaction, making it less suitable for smaller payments of under $300.

Click here to go the the log-in page and choose our travel agency to receive payment - True Ecuador Travel.

pay with cash in Quito

You can pay us in Quito with cash. Check with your bank for their withdrawal fees on debit cards for foreign banks. Typically they charge around $5 per withdrawal, in addition to the $1.50 that the ATM here may charge. Depending on how much you can withdraw at once, this can add up to around 3% or more which makes it worth considering other forms of payment.

There are many ATMs in Quito and you can either pay us all at once or by the week, as you prefer.

Pay for your Spanish classes using Paypal

You can use your Paypal balance to make a payment before you arrive in Ecuador. Please note though that you will not be able to make another payment via Paypal once in Ecuador as it will automatically be rejected by Paypal as fraudulent.

You can also pay be credit or debit card using Paypal.

Click on the button on the right to go to our dedicated payment page. Paypal charges a 4-5% commission on top of the cost of your program, and this will be added automatically.

pay with credit card in Quito You can pay in our offices with your credit or debit card using our StudyPay system (see above). The charges are processed online. There are no currency exchange charges.

Please note that we cannot accept Traveler's Checks as our bank will not cash them. Nor can we accept personal checks fomr banks outside Ecuador as these take one month to process and credit to our account.

Click here for our cancellation and refund policies.