Study And Travel Spanish Programs In Ecuador

Spanish classes while you explore Ecuador!

To make the most of your limited time in Ecuador our "Study and Travel" programs offer you the chance to explore the rich culture, history, traditions, environments and challenges facing this exciting country while you learn Spanish with your own teacher.

The programs are 5 days of combined Spanish classes and exploration, each one covering a different facet of the remarkable diversity of Ecuador.

Spend a week in an Amazon or cloud forest lodge learning about the biodiversity and the relationship of its inhabitants to these unique environments.

Or travel down the spine of the Andes spotting volcanos and taking part in adventure sports or visiting indigenous communities and learning about the crafts they produce from local materials.

You might prefer the more relaxed style of the Pacific coast with its beaches, dry forests, whale watching in season, and excellent seafood.

Add to this a week spent exploring the truly unique Galapagos Islands with one of our land-based tours and you will have enough memories to last you a lifetime!


Yanapuma partners with only qualified and trusted travel agencies, tour operators, activity providers, accommodations and lodges, to provide safe and reliable experiences to its Spanish students. We are happy to make recommendations to students and offer support to arrange additional journeys and exploration around Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Each program combines formal Spanish classes with travel and activities for 5 days.

While some programs spend the week in the same location, others involve more travel. With this in mind, classes are taken on the fly on some days and may include more informal Spanish than sit-down classes. We endeavor to maintain an adequate balance on each program, offering an immersion experience with a great deal of the learning taking place outside of a formal class type setting.

"Traveling around Ecuador with my teacher JC was the perfect experience for someone like me who was a little nervous about traveling on her own. He was a great teacher, a great guide, and the perfect companion for the 2 weeks that I spent in the Andes and the lodge. Not only did I learn and practice a lot of Spanish during the two weeks, but I got to see so much of the country in a relatively short time."

Please email us for more information on any of the Study and Travel Spanish programs listed on the right. We can email you a pdf document with more details and a typical itinerary for the week.

For more travel options in Ecuador please visit our dedicated travel agency - True Ecuador Travel



Each of our Study and Travel programs has been designed to create a memorable week of adventure and exploration of a different part of Ecuador's stunning cultural and biological diversity. These Study and Travel programs can be combined with a week or more in Quito or Cuenca, or strung together to create a truly memorable experience of Ecuador.

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