Introductory Medical Spanish

Introductory Medical Spanish courses in Quito or Cuenca.

For those students who do not have the time to commit one month to the Professional Medical Spanish program, or the required level of Spanish, or who perhaps do not need such an intensive course, we offer an Introductory Medical Spanish program for one, two, or three weeks.

You can take this course with a more basic level of Spanish as it will focus equally on Spanish grammar, comprehension, speaking and writing, but with an emphasis on the relevant vocabulary and usage relating to medical themes.

The course also includes the same wealth of materials that comes with the Professional Medical Spanish program, that you will be able to keep and use for reference in the future.

Each of the three weeks has a set format, introducing specific topics of universal interest and usage in the general medical field. Thus this course is suitable for a wide range of students and people working in the area of health who need to be able to communicate in Spanish to doctors and other professionals, and patients and clients.

Studying on our Weekly Medical Spanish Program is a great way to advance your professional capacities while enjoying the buzz and culture of Quito or the tranquility and culture of Cuenca!

"The introductory program was perfect for me. The two weeks really improved my general Spanish as well as giving me all I needed to be able to communicate to our latino patients in my hospital."

For those who do not have the time to journey to Ecuador, the Introductory Medical Spanish courses can also be taken online. Students can take one or more hours per week as fits with their schedule, to complete each 20-hour module over a period of weeks or months.


Yanapuma's Introductory Medical Spanish program consists of 3 one-week courses of 20 hours per week. It is aimed at students and health professionals with only a basic level of Spanish and who want to learn the fundamentals of communicating in Spanish in a medical setting. The course comes with the same materials as the Professional Medical Spanish program and are yours to keep.


🔸 A complete set of medical charts of the human body with all the parts labeled in Spanish.

🔸 A book of exercises in medical Spanish usage

🔸 Manuals of medicine in specialty areas

🔸 An audio recording of the dialogues presented in the text

🔸 Tests of medical knowledge in Spanish

🔸 Videos of consultations and medical conversations

🔸 A collection of website links and web materials on general and specific topics

🔸 The above materials on a CD to keep.

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