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Spanish tuition materials and textbooks . . .

Spanish instruction at Yanapuma Spanish School is based on modern theory and practice of communication methodology, an analysis and synthesis of diverse research-based, language teaching methodologies, given practical form by our teachers through methods and materials that we have developed collaboratively. These reflect both our commitment to excellence in Spanish instruction, and an understanding of the role of language learning in the wider context of learning about the social, cultural, ecological and historical reality of life in a latin country.

We use materials that are appropriate to both the European and US systems of education, in line with the Instituto Cervantes and Common European Framework of Reference for Language and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

In accord with the recommendations of the Cervantes Institute, teaching is balanced between the areas of grammar, writing, reading, audio comprehension, and most importantly, conversation skills.  Our focus is not only on learning Spanish from a textbook, but on learning based on real world experiences and Ecuadorian life and culture.

Grammar: Our Spanish teaching is based on grammatical rules recommended by the Real Academy of the Spanish Language.  We present in a simple and easy to understand manner, with clear examples, and follow up with daily exercises and homework for practice.

Writing: Spanish writing practice includes written in-class short exercises, take home practice exercises, compositions, and dictations, all according to the level of the student.

Reading: Our library and on-line materials offer the student reading practice in Spanish magazines, local newspapers, and books by Ecuadorian and world authors.  Reading is assisted by the teacher, and after reading, the student will be asked to explain his or her understanding and opinions of the material.

Audio: We offer equipment including a television, DVD player, cassette recorder, and CD player for practice in comprehension of spoken Spanish.  We have a selection of movies and other videos on DVD, and varieties of Latin music for practice.

Conversation: In each class period, after working with the themes introduced that day, students will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned through Spanish conversation with their teacher.  Themes of conversation can be chosen by the student; generally conversations are spontaneous, relating to cultural, political, and social themes in Ecuador.  We encourage conversation based on the student’s own experiences during their stay in Ecuador.

Methodology and teaching methods are an important area of development for Yanapuma, and we are always taking advantage of the latest research in order to adapt and improve our teaching system for the benefit of our students.

"My Spanish improved after taking a month of these classes. I feel more confident after a single month than I have in my two years studying at my home University."

If you have any questions or would like more information about our school and Spanish classes or to discuss your particular requirements, please email us.

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