Day Excursions From Cuenca

Explore Cuenca and its Surroundings

The city of Cuenca lies at an altitude of 2,600 meters, in the southern part of the Ecuadorian Andes Mountains. Its historic center is well-preserved and has some of the very best colonial period architecture along with many fine museums, churches, plazas, and other attractions that make spending a week or more in Cuenca an wonderful experience.

And if you want to escape the city at weekends you can take any of a wide range of all-day excursions out to surrounding areas to visit some of the marvels in the surrounding Andes (see the list below!)

Here is a list of some of the more noteworthy excursions that we offer through the Spanish school: Click on each name to go to the page with more details.

From Cuenca you can do several fascinating day trips. You can explore the largest Inca ruins in Ecuador, hike in an inspiring national park, or browse for crafts, jewelry, leatherwork and more in local villages.

The above day trips generally cost between $35 – $60 depending on distance and time. There may be other entry fees not included in this price. We will be happy to supply you with more information and to make any necessary reservations for you.


🔸 Museo del Banco Central - an extensive display of the cultures of Ecuador, religious artifacts, gold, etc.
🔸 Catedral de la Immaculada (New Cathedral) and El Sagrario (Old Cathedral).
🔸 Rio Tomebamba.
🔸 Mirador de Turi.
🔸 Plaza Abdon Calderón, one of several plazas in Cuenca.
🔸 Galeria E. Vega and the Galeria de arte Moderno Municipal. 
🔸 Local crafts and produce markets.
🔸Amaru Zoologico.
🔸 Museo de los Artes Aboriginos.
🔸 Local food and crafts markets.

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