DELE exam preparation

The DELE exam is focused more on the Spanish that is spoken in Spain rather than Latin America. For this reason, Spanish teachers in Latin America need to be specially prepared to deal with the differences in vocabulary, usage, and accent as these differ from Spanish usage.

Yanapuma offers teachers who have been trained to teach students to prepare for the DELE exam. Like any exam, it is intended to be a general evaluation of a student’s abilities in the Spanish language. However, there are specific ways that a Spanish student can study for this exam, paying special attention to its format and past patterns in order to be as fully prepared as possible. Yanapuma’s DELE-trained teachers will work with specific materials that include past exam papers and multi-media materials to prepare students to perform optimally in the DELE exam at their particular level.

We can offer DELE classes to students in our schools in Quito and Cuenca, as well as offering DELE preparation classes via online Spanish classes for those who cannot attend the school personally. Taking a few classes online is a good way to complement ones own study program for the DELE exam

1. Reading Comprehension.
2. Written Paper.
3. Listening Comprehension.
4. Grammar and Vocabulary.
5. Oral Exam.

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