13 reasons to choose yanapuma!

Study Spanish Ecuador

Why choose Yanapuma Spanish School above the rest?

We continually work to improve our school in all its aspects, and are proud to offer our services to prospective students. We believe that our standards are the highest you will find in Ecuador, and possibly in Latin America.

Here's why:

  • Our methodology is unique among Latin American Spanish schools - we understand that language is the carrier of culture and embodies a different worldview. Using the "Communication" methodology favored by Spain's Cervantes Institute, we have gone beyond a merely grammar-based approach to language teaching. We have developed materials and trained our teachers to offer the very best in all-round Spanish language instruction, to develop students abilities to communicate creatively and competently in the Spanish language. . Read about our methodology
  • Our teaching method is based on creating a unique study plan for each student that allows us to follow and assess your progress at each stage throughout your study time with us. Plans and progress are reviewed by our academic team to ensure that your teacher is providing a coherent and relevant study program. Accurate record-keeping forms a sound basis for certification and awarding of credits by your home institution
  • In addition to your regular class schedule, we offer FREE TUTORING. If there is anything that still puzzles you after class you can talk to one of our tutors and receive additional tips and resources to help you continue to learn effectively.
  • Our teachers use a variety of teaching aids, taking full advantage of technology. Many of them use laptops for presentation of multi-media materials, allowing students to engage their senses more completely in learning Spanish.
  • We are a non profit with a social and ecological mission – donating all our profits to the work of Yanapuma Foundation for sustainable community development. Read about our foundation
  • Our school in Quito is set in an impressive and beautiful historical building – a unique and comfortable learning environment in the heart of one of the most vibrant and diverse capitals in Latin America. Our school in Cuenca is also in a historic building in the heart of one of the best preserved colonial cities in all of Latin America Look around our schools
  • Our programs are varied and flexible, offering the chance to explore Quito, Cuenca, and Ecuador in a variety of ways – programs and options for all budgets, interests and tastes with our "Study and Travel" programs. Find out more
  • We offer options for studying Spanish and volunteering in Quito and in Cuenca, and volunteering all around Ecuador with reliable projects where you can help to make a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged and developing communities Find out more
  • Our prices are amongst the most reasonable for a professional Spanish school – we offer value for money at the same time that your money goes to support our mission.
  • Our teachers are dedicated professionals who take pride in their work and are continually improving through workshops and seminars offered by Yanapuma, as well as by learning from their students. In addition they are friendly and welcoming and take pride in their cultural heritage as Ecuadorians. Meet our teachers
  • Our commitment to excellence: Each student fills in an anonymous evaluation at the end of their studies that we use to continually monitor and improve our school in all its aspects. In addition we do a brief survey at the end of each week to find out if there is anything that the student would like to change. See how our students rate us
  • We organize regular activities and excursions, weekday and weekend – social occasions that extend language learning beyond the classroom to the culture, environment and history of Ecuador. See upcoming events
  • We go out of our way to make Yanapuma a home-from-home while you are traveling – working to create a secure and welcoming base from which to explore all that is on offer here. Read what our students say about us